Divine Partnership in the Work Place

Through receiving Kingdom style coaching from Destiny Coaching, God has given Matthew a new perspective on how to integrate his walk with God with his professional life. During a coaching session, Matthew heard God say to him, “If you create a space by faith, I will fill it with my presence.” At first, he saw this as a revelation just for his personal life, but soon he realized it was also true for his businesses. Matthew started asking questions like, “What does it look like to have a business that is filled with God’s presence?” Through his coaching sessions Matthew discovered God was inviting him into a partnership to create and lead by faith in the marketplace. He stepped into this with fresh practical strategies.

Consequently, this coaching has brought Matthew into a new way of living in stronger partnership with God. He said, “Marianne, my coach, held a brilliant space that invited me to encounter God in ways that were new – she encouraged me into that space of walking more intimately with Holy Spirit through all that goes on in business.” After 10 years of receiving coaching and 24 years of coaching others, Matthew shared that this kingdom style coaching was so different from anything else he had experienced before. He said, “This form of coaching has been a great space to work through anxiety, concerns, blockages and self-restrictions, that I didn’t even know were there!” Every encounter with God during Marianne’s sessions led to breakthroughs.

Matthew is a coach, consultant, course designer and successful business owner who lives in England. The story began last year when he wanted to discover how to better connect his faith with running his companies. He shared, “I wanted to get beyond having a nice prayer time with God in the morning and then getting stuck in my workday and forgetting all about Him!” This desire brought him to Marianne Fryer, a Destiny Coach in the marketplace. Through their sessions, Matthew discovered a new level of faith, confidence and relationship with God that has transformed his entire life.

Before coaching, Matthew often found himself processing business challenges and opportunities in a mechanical way – well intentioned, but driven by his own strength and striving. This left him with “a glorious record of fizzling out.” Matthew was ready for a change. Through coaching he began to live in a deeper connection with God. He realized, “God enjoys being involved in what I’m doing – in business, in solving problems and in helping me navigate some of those issues and challenges!” Matthew began to seek God’s wisdom on every work opportunity. He stepped into a new level of freedom and peace as his schedule began to settle into new order and he found new time to establish his consulting company.

Soon after a breakthrough Matthew received in a coaching session, he experienced a challenge that would have normally set him back in his workday. This time, he was able to quickly process with God and overcome negative emotions so that he could be fully present for a presentation. Coaching empowered Matthew to carry God’s presence into his professional environment no matter what issues surfaced. He shared, “It feels so much more exciting having this partnership with Holy Spirit!” This new level of connection with God has brought him greater confidence and clarity in his consulting and coaching companies.

Through a God encounter in one session, Matthew felt Holy Spirit say, “I can help you create courses that have elegance of design and flow that honor and value people!” This revelation unlocked new vision and strength as he continues to develop his products.

Matthew is excited to continue coaching this year.