A Community …

KCN is a community of believers bringing heaven to earth using coaching tools for empowerment, honor and encouragement to the body of Christ and His Kingdom. Its aim is to attract and raise-up regional leaders, coaches and empowerment experts to bring transformation and renewal.

A Training Organization…

Directed toward leadership and layperson alike, KCN seeks to provide unique and inspirational training that yields the blessing of the Lord in everyday life and leadership. Whether they are leaders in business, church or ministry, participants in KCN’s workshops will gain practical skills that are immediately applicable in all facets of life.

For professionals…

KCN offers alternative coursework to professional coaches honing their listening and questioning skills as they seek to draw upon the continual guidance of the Lord. Leaders will find coaching tools strengthen teams and empower staff to excel while opening up new realms of possibility for themselves personally. Coaching is a key skill needed for the culture of honor and for fruitful empowerment leadership where those with delegated authority are coached into full engagement and success.

For laypersons in churches…

Coaching provides a unique framework for excellence and personal growth. Its Christ-centered focus liberates believers to pursue their dreams and see the God-given gold in their hearts. Coaching skills turn tired modes of discipleship into life-giving and honoring mechanisms for maturity. Everyone benefits from coaching partnerships and the most broken individual can find light and hope through coaching. Training believers to use coaching skills is transformational and essential to bringing God’s kingdom to earth. For us, the outworking of coaching skills is the fulfillment of Ephesian’s 4—every joint supplied for the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love.

Becoming a coach…

Aiming to develop excellence in coaching, KCN has developed a curriculum to raise up coaches. Our coaching certification provides the essential groundwork to becoming a coach and may serve as a springboard to professional accreditation. Coaching skills are essential to the body of Christ.

Whether your aim is to become a professional life coach, or use coaching skills in your circle of influence, implementing coaching skills will transform you and those you lead.

A Resource for Information…

KCN seeks to be a source of fresh and inspirational resources bringing a variety of coaching concepts to practitioners at all levels. At KCN, professional coaches will find a platform for developing new ideas and relationships. As the KCN network grows regional meetings and training will develop. Ultimately our heart is to create a community whose members empower each other. Our blog is an encouraging resource of new ideas with opportunities for discussion and our store offers training materials for purchase.

A Resource for Coaching…

KCN’s professional coaches are available for personal coaching. Let us help you connect with a coach! One of the fastest ways to gain coaching skills and grace is to simply receive and learn as you grow and make the changes you want in your life with an experienced KCN coach.

  • Business leaders
  • Church and ministry leaders
  • Church members
  • Ministries to the marginalized
  • Professional coaches
  • Those who want to be a coach
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Ministry school leaders & students
  • Individuals who desire to enrich their lives with coaching skills
Coaching is a form of leadership which has been shown to be four times more effective in influencing those you lead than more directive forms of leadership. Here is a summary of various leadership methods.

Directing – leader tells people what to do. It can be done intelligently and with reasons or aggressively. The armed forces use this approach. It is appropriate in various places and times for example perhaps when someone is new into an organisation.

Mentoring – mentors share their past experiences and the help the person they are leading to experiment with their (the mentors) experience in the learners situation.

Coaching – coaches ‘facilitative’ keeping the responsibility of outcomes and decisions with the learner. Coaches facilitate a conversation where the learner can come up with their own solutions. This works to increase their performance and learning and development.

Delegation – responsibility is devolved to the person you lead over time. As the leader becomes more confident that the person they are leading is clear about goals, targets, value, mission, and vision, he/she can allow others to make their own decisions.

Coaching is increasingly being used in leadership in corporates, small businesses and forward thinking organisations worldwide. More and more research since its inception and formalization over the past two decades is showing scientifically how it is an incredibly effective form of leadership which empowers, motivates, and inspires people tremendously to grow, change and have greater impact.

Industry accreditation has developed over the last two decades, the first formal body being the International Coach Federation, based in California but with a global presence and recognized worldwide.

Coaching is becoming more and more known and recognized as a discipline used within organisations and personally to aid personal development and growth.

Christian based coaching or ‘Kingdom Coaching’ as we call it varies considerably in its emphasis. KCN’s heart is to raise up Christian coaches into a high standard of excellence in coaching and adopting a standard of continual learning. Our trainers are professional coaches who work both within The Church and marketplace.

Kingdom Coaching is where excellent coaching skills and techniques are breathed upon by the presence of the Lord empowering people toward the freedom of Kingdom life. This unique style of transformational coaching goes beyond what mere coaching skills and techniques can do alone. It brings a blessing allowing people to go forward in their lives in a far greater way.

Characteristics of Kingdom Coaching

Jesus said in John 15:5 “..without me you can do nothing.” The implication here is that the life we live for him would have us do everything with him in order for it to be fruitful. And in Luke 4:18 Jesus reads Isaiah concerning his own ministry:

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he hath anointed me to….” And he goes on to list preaching, healing and the various aspects of his ministry. This is a pivotal key to Jesus’ Kingdom ministry. He was anointed by the Spirit. The anointing is the overshadowing of our human efforts with a greater force, skill and wisdom than we are ever capable of on our own. This overshadowing with Jesus was tangible and evident to him and to others. (Mark 1:22) This overshadowing is meant for our lives, our coaching and our ministries that we may be able to serve others well. This marvelous grace on coaching is what we call “Kingdom Coaching”.

Here is a list of some of the characteristics of Kingdom Coaching:

  • The gift of wisdom
  • Hearing the heart
  • Kingdom clarity & focus
  • Receiving the gift of “the word fitly spoken”
  • Prophetic affirmation
  • His presence in coaching
  • The gift of faith for others

Accessing & Increasing

Everything we receive from God begins by receiving a revelation of the thing we desire of Him. As we see it and long for it, the stage is set to simply receive. Then in child-like faith we ask of him. As we maintain this attention and desire He leads us down the path to receive. If we ask for bread, will he give us a stone?

KCN facilitates this process. Coaches and ministers have told us testimonies about how they have grown in the grace of receiving his overshadowing. The training process includes practical teachings, demonstrations, specific practice exercises, discussions and prayer together for the Lord’s increase among the students.

Our workshops are supported with intercessory prayer and space for each student to personally encounter the Lord for an increase of wisdom and revelation.

The Lord moves uniquely with all of His children in a diversity of ways. For each it will be different but beautiful and full of His personal grace. The Lord’s help is humbling, amazing and so abundantly available. Giving attention to His moving is a door for increase. May the Lord fill you and increase His loving help in your life, your coaching and your leadership!

Key Skills Compared

Kingdom Coaching Skills complement & enhance excellent coaching skills

  • Excellent Coaching = Kingdom Coaching
  • Self awareness = Self-awareness plus God awareness
  • Intuitive listening = Hearing the heart, plus God’s heart for the person
  • Discovery questions = Questions that match the person’s personality and faith journey, releasing faith, hope or clarity
  • Actions & goals = Actions and goals infused with the gift of wisdom and strategy
  • Affirmations skills = Words of encouragement and prophetic affirmation
  • Setting a safe atmosphere = Safety plus, receiving the Lord’s presence in coaching