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Feeling overwhelmed, going through a crisis or needing to make decisions about a new way forward, then Cheryl who has experience with similar experiences could coach you through and assist you to find a positive way through.

Cheryl was born in Zimbabwe and moved to South Africa in 1979. She has 30 years experience in commerce, as an Accounts Assistant, mostly with small owner run, or family run businesses.

Cheryl did a two year Christian Counselling course and was a Lay Preacher in the Methodist Church

In 2008, Cheryl moved to the UK where she started a new adventure in her life. Cheryl loves living in the UK and being close to Europe as she loves travelling.

The 1st six months of 2015, Cheryl did Life Coaching training where she learnt many new skills which will assist coachee’s to unlock their potential and to achieve more than they imagined they were capable of achieving.

Cheryl thinks that Life Coaching offers a positive way of discovering the strength that is within all of us to engage life with joy to find new possibilities. She will help you find your Identity and calling and by uncovering your valves will assist you to find the places where you flourish because you values are honoured.

What are the things you express about yourself without even trying? These are your Life Messages and Cheryl will help you uncover these and help you find who the people are who need these messages.

Cheryl has a good sense of humour and being coached by her will be fun and her gift of seeing the flip side of things will open up new directions for your future.




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Identity and calling, life messages, destiny coaching.

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