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KCN provides training, coaching and consulting to non-profit organizations, helping leaders to fully embrace and outplay their vision for the greatest impact on the world.

KCN threads kingdom principles throughout all its training, helping leaders to fully discover how best to operate throughout all the levels of their organization.

KCN brings the power of leadership coaching to nonprofits helping them to clarify and create organizational vision and purpose, to build and develop leaders and to integrate their journey of faith with the practical everyday demands.

In the Watford area there can be subsidies for fees. Please feel free to apply.

Coach Training & Certification

Coaching is a highly effective way of leading people through lasting transformational change. Coaching can be used to give people direction, to uncover and unblock obstacles, to facilitate inner healing, and to bring them closer to God.

If you are interested in learning coaching skills, to increase the effectiveness of your current life, work or ministry or to set yourself up as a coach our mission is to lead you on that journey. We run regular training events which will give you coaching skills which we encourage you to attend.

These training events form part of an accreditation and approval process which we offer to grow your coaching skills. As part of this process you will attend training events, gain practice in coaching both in the classroom and before and after courses with your own contacts. After completing a minimum of 50 hours of our interactive coach training you will have the opportunity of being mentored and evaluated by an experienced coach for 3-10* sessions during which time you will demonstrate and be mentored in key coaching skill areas. (*The number of mentor coaching sessions will depend on your previous experience and training and will be evaluated on a case by case basis)

On successful completion of this process you can be become an approved KCN coach and join our database of coaches, having the opportunity of gaining clients through the network.
Start the process by taking a Level 1- Introduction to Coaching Course – click here for our current schedule

Leadership Coaching Training

Discover how to unlock motivational keys in yourself and others and become a more inspirational impactful leader. Our training will provide you with solid Biblically based practical personal development tools, which will activate and empower you to release others into their calling and destiny. You will:

  • Learn keys to enable others to reach their fullest potential
  • Discover how to clarify vision and purpose in yourself and others
  • Learn how to lead from passion and purpose
  • Discover powerful coaching tools to get people unstuck
  • Improve the way you communicate, relate and lead using coaching methods
  • Learn how to live more empowered yourself
  • Be trained in a leadership style which empowers and engages the heart

Our programs will help you discover the power of coaching others into being fully engaged, aware of their calling and destiny and clear about their purposes. You will discover how to enable those you lead to be fully honored and empowered into being all they were designed to be.

Our style of training helps leaders to learn how to help people take ownership and initiative whilst fostering an environment of honor and growth. Join us for a fun time of discovery, challenge and breakthrough!

Churches and Ministry Lead

Coaching provides an ideal unique framework for use within The Church and ministries bringing excellence and personal growth. Its Christ-centered focus liberates believers to pursue their dreams and see the God-given gold in their hearts.

Coaching skills turn tired modes of discipleship into life-giving and honoring mechanisms for maturity. Everyone benefits from coaching partnerships; mature leaders, new leaders, and believers at every stage including the most broken individual can find light and hope through coaching.

Training believers to use coaching skills is transformational and essential to bringing God’s kingdom to earth. For us, the outworking of coaching skills is the fulfillment of Ephesian’s 4—every joint supplied for the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love.

Coaching brings lasting and sustainable growth providing:

  • Tools that embolden the hearts of believers to step out in ministry and faith with renewed confidence
  • Transformation of advice-giving into active listening and believing in others
  • Empowerment to church members to use coaching skills for mutual strengthening
  • Skills for mentoring, discipleship and personal ministries
  • Revolutionary perspectives on communication skills

KCN can help you to adopt coaching skills into your environment to:

  • Foster a culture of empowerment, honor and healthy feedback
  • Unpack the leadership style of Jesus by calling out the greatness in others
  • Develop your organization’s leadership culture by empowering and training staff to become responsible, self-motivated leaders
  • Increase ownership, enthusiasm and team spirit
  • Bring multi-generational leadership tools
  • Empower people to take responsibility and steward their lives
  • Increase fruitfulness of pastoral counseling

KCN also provides church leadership consulting and training alongside individual coaching for pastors.


Whether you are an established business or a new business venture, we work with businesses to help you to sharpen your focus, build successful strategies and grow your business into its fullest potential. Some examples of what we can help you do are:

  • Cultivate the empowerment leadership style that actively promotes responsibility and initiative in others, coaching them toward success.
  • Develop your organization’s leadership culture by empowering and training staff to become responsible, self-motivated leaders
  • Increase ownership, enthusiasm and team spirit
  • Facilitate leader’s self-awareness and growth through feedback from those you lead

Ministry Schools

Both founder leaders of KCN have been instrumental in teaching coaching skills in the Bethel School of Ministry(BSSM) of Redding, California for 7 years. An established team of professional coaches work together here to both deliver coaching programs and train up coaches in the ministry school and church culture. Some of the testimonies are listed below. Repeatedly students testify of the practical nature of the coaching tools taught and are surprised to discover they can be immediately applied. Since coaching is Biblically based and patterned after the way Jesus asked powerful questions it is no wonder that breakthrough for people often accompanies the application of these techniques.

  • Train students to be listeners of the heart
  • Implement the skills of internal self-awareness
  • Sharpen everyday communication skills
  • Interactive training in practical tools for ministry
  • Immediate practice and application of coaching techniques


  • “My deepest revelation was on the first night when you led us into an encounter which was really good for me. It feels like I re-discovered my destiny and I could feel the passion rising up inside me again.” – Bethel School of Ministry Student, Redding, California
  • “I learned how to listen to Holy Spirit, as well as practical steps like goal setting.” – Ministry School Student.
  • “I’ve been to events that concentrate on the supernatural and ones that are very practically based. I’ve never been to anything like this before. You so naturally have integrated the two together” – Ministry School Student

Ministry to Marginalized

Those who have a heart for the marginalized and the stamina to show up and be there when the rest of the world seems to reject the needy or broken is a valiant army of rescuers. KCN salutes these workers with great honor and offers them special concessions for KCN trainings. We welcome you to contact us to apply for these.

Coaching skills are honoring and effective ways to help people successfully begin to take responsibility for their own lives. Coaching encourages small steps forward to break the patterns of negative history and pain. It is a soft but powerful way that challenges a person to steward their own lives.

KCN offers training in concise and powerful techniques in inner healing. These techniques can be done in small amounts of time that easily matches many of the ministry models currently practiced among the marginalized.

Those who take these trainings are able to implement them with confidence for immediate application.

KCN partners with Riverstone Coaching & Consulting to offer ministry coaching and consulting to help leaders proactively remove obstacles and move the organizations and staff forward with empowerment leadership trainings and insights.