Stories of Transformation

Stories of transformation from those who learned the heart of coaching through “kingdom style coaching” 

  • As a leader of a church, I wanted to explore coaching for both myself in my development, and also with the people I am working with in my church and for their field. What I discovered from the programme was how it helped me to grow as a person, how much more confident I am now in engaging with people, and asking people the questions they need to hear to unlock their destiny. I feel like I have more tools now to use in my job as a church leader but also in other areas of my life. I think I am more ready now to stop to explore where people are at, to actually find out the answers that they have got within in them that God has given them. Rather than feeling the pressure as a leader to have to come up with the answers. – Church Leader
  • I am a changed human being. The principles that are embedded in the training are the principles that come out of Bethel that are life changing – ie abiding in the Presence. When you are taught how to abide in the Presence it is life-changing. For example, the word that encapsulates this is stewardship – not just my gifts and talents but also the Presence of God. The tools enable me to grow in my capacity to host the Presence of God. – Professional Coach


Learning to coach brings many benefits:

  • I have learned to ask questions better, to use creativity to enable people to connect to their heart, I have learned how not to ask questions. How to better empower and enable people. For years I have seen potential in people, but I have not been able to help them to find their potential and to do these things. These tools are so good for empowering people. – Ministry Leader
  • I feel like i’ve been equipped with tools which help explore our identity, bringing receptive hearts to life, including my own. As well as leading to the discovery of destiny. This has propelled me from knowing about purpose to assimilating it, and walking in it. And also walking in what i was born for, So I long to see this exponentially multiplied in other people so that they can do likewise.-  Sozo Ministry Leader


Learning to coach benefits church leadership:

  • Listening has been improved – on a different level, I have learned to go with the flow, how to work to someone else’s agenda, to step back and help someone engage with what they are really processing so that they can really think something through. I would have had a bit of an idea of how to do that but nothing like I do now. – Ministry School Leader
  • For me it all about getting others to know who they are in God. You can do that through coaching. Once they’ve got an idea of who they are in God, then He changes the way they see their life purpose as well as the call and destiny they have in God. I think one of the things coaching teaches you as a leader is that you don’t always have to be directional in people’s lives, actually they have with in them everything they need. Sometimes all they need is for you to ask the right question. – Senior Church Leader
  • I am poised for the future, It has given me a new perspective on the future and what God has called me to. Confidence and more understanding of God’s call on my life for the future. A wealth of opportunities ahead of me, a fresh way of looking at things, its given me a better way of managing myself – preparing better, overcoming obstacle. It has deepened my encounter with God – visualization, inviting Holy Spirit to show me, using the tools to give different perspectives, helped me to encounter God in a new way, a lot more equipped for situations, not just coaching. Lots of tools to apply in different situations. – Church Leader
  • I have learnt more about myself, and I have vision for my future. This course has made me a better coach, and it has taught me to bring Holy Spirit into my coaching.Marketplace Consultant
  • My experience has been transformative. For me in my professional practice and me personally. The coaching training has completely changed what I do with my coachees and what I believe is possible for them. So being an executive coach, I coach for performance which is life changing for many people. But now the tools that I have are transformative because I am able to help them with an encounter whether the believe in Christ or not, they still have an encounter with the Holy Spirit. They don’t call him Holy Spirit, but they have an encounter and they know they are changed.- Professional Coach
  • The things I gained from the training programme were deeper understanding of self, healing, more self-confidence, less limitations and faith as a coach. – Marketplace Leader