Living Out of the Box

Robyn Foote is a dynamic ministry leader who loves to encourage, connect and build community. She lives with her husband, Tim, and their family in upstate New York and is co-founder of Women Praying for Men and founder of Radical Kingdom Homemaking Ministries. Last year, she realized she was feeling stuck and found herself asking, “Who am I? What am I doing with my life? Where does this all fit in?” These questions brought her to the Destiny Activator Coaching Workshop where she discovered practical tools for figuring out the next steps for her life and how to lead with a greater impact. She shares, “All those years, people tried to put me in a box. At this workshop God reminded me that He is out of the box, and I am too!”

Clearer identity

Over the years, Robyn had struggled with viewing herself through the eyes of others. At the Destiny Activator workshop, Robyn discovered a greater freedom to walk in her unique identity. She shares. “What God says about who I am is really simple and not complicated. So now I am able to be who I am supposed to be. All this creative energy is coming now and new doors are opening for me. It’s very exciting!”

Courage to start

Robyn came to the workshop with several ideas in her heart, but she didn’t know how to begin. The tools she worked through gave her new clarity and vision. She explains, “This workshop helped me see all these things that God has birthed through me that have been there from the beginning! It’s not only helped me to see the past but also to envision the future.” After attending Destiny Activator, Robyn began to live with new purpose and courage and to walk out her dreams. As a result, she started another ministry called “Radical Kingdom Homemaking” which reaches many women in her region and teaches practical homemaking skills.

Coaching tools to transform Robyn’s leadership

As a leader, Robyn found it was easy to live from the false belief that ‘If I don’t do it, it won’t get done.’ The coaching tools Robyn learned at the workshop transformed this way of thinking and empowered her to lead in a more impactful way both in ministry and at home. She shares, “Now I can just ask questions, listen and not put pressure on myself to have all the solutions. I find God provides the answers, people discover things about themselves and they grow naturally!” Instead of people being dependent upon her for answers, she is noticing now that those around her are living in a more empowered way and walking in their own identities.

Fresh encounter with God

The Destiny Activator Workshop also created a space for Robyn to encounter God in a new way. Instead of relying on her own ideas about God or the beliefs of others, she was able to quiet herself and hear God personally. This workshop helped her to enjoy her Father more, because she was able to have a set apart time where she chose to listen and follow His voice. Robyn explains, “It helped my Heavenly Father get a chance to remind me who I was.” Her connection with God was strengthened and she now walks in a deeper relationship with God in her daily life.

Robyn Foote lives with greater purpose and clarity at home with her family, in her church community and as she leads her ministries. She says, “The Destiny Activator Workshop helped me get back to what really matters, giving me fresh perspective.” It brought a new balance to her daily life as she found the freedom to do what she really wants to do instead of being busy and overwhelmed. Robyn says, “If you have a heartbeat, you should come to this workshop. You will be transformed!”